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Get your pond fit for spring

IT MAY be dull and damp outside but now is the ideal time to take a look at your current pond and start to get it ready for the season ahead.

Here are three simple jobs Bow Garden & Aquatic Centre recommend you do now, that will greatly help your pond transition out of winter mode.

The first thing Bow Garden Centre recommends you should do is change your UV bulb.

These incredibly important bulbs not only help keep your pond free of algae, but they only have a life span of one year maximum.

If you change your bulb now you will ensure that it will be operating at 100 per cent during spring which is when you are most likely to suffer from an algae bloom (i.e. a green pond).

The second tip is do a general clean – remove any dead leaves or debris from the surface of the pond as these will sink and turn into sludge in the bottom of your pond.

To really make sure you have a clean pond it is worth investing in a Pondvac.

These are perfect for removing all of the sludge from the bottom of your pond.

Sludge can cause damage to your pond inhabitants as it blocks out oxygen and the bacteria trapped in it will produce hydrogen sulfide which when stirred up smells of rotten eggs.

A prolonged build up of hydrogen sulfide can kill plants and eventually fish so you need to keep it under control.

The third recommendation is to give your pond equipment a little maintenance.

The main cause of pump failure comes from a broken impeller.

These can be easily cleaned by dismantling your pump (follow manufacturers instructions) and cleaning the housing with a cotton bud and rinse it through to remove any build up.

It is also a worth changing your filter foams ready for the coming season.

It is best to stagger changing the foams over a few weeks to ensure you do not lose all the beneficial bacteria that has built up or you can change them all in one go, but you will need to add back in some live filter bacteria to keep the pond’s eco system healthy.

If you have any problems with your pond equipment just drop in at the centre and friendly staff will have a look at it for you.

Bow Garden & Aquatic Centre is a gardener, pet and fish-keepers haven with an extensive pet shop, gift shop a giant koi pond and the Waterside Café, which is open daily and serves home made lunches with a special two for £10 offer from their daily specials lunch board plus they have tasty treats and fantastic Sunday roasts too!

For more information telephone 01363 82438 or visit the website: .

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