Generous shoppers helped Foodbank

By Crediton Courier Newspaper in Local People

THE story appeared in the Courier on Friday, March 10, issue 1128.

The Crediton Foodbank, based at Crediton Congregational Church,

issued an urgent appeal for donations of food as their stocks were alarmingly low. The foodbank has since received a large amount of food donated by generous shoppers at the Crediton Tesco store at Wellparks.

The Foodbank, run by Christians Together in Crediton, supports families who are struggling to put food on the table in Crediton and the surrounding area.

Referrals can be made through the Crediton Library’s Work Club, Citizens Advice, CHAT (Churches Housing Action Trust) and doctors surgeries etc.

The Foodbank is always grateful for donations of food and toiletries all year round and there are collection points at most churches, the Crediton Courier office, The Yellow Bookshop, Stevie B’s and directly at the Congregational Church. A collection point is at the Crediton Tesco store at Wellparks.

The number of people referred to the Foodbank in January and February of this year has doubled compared to the same period in 2016. This is believed to be related to benefit cuts or delays or because people are on a low income.

A total of 146 people received help in just two months and the shelves are now depleted. The Foodbank is in urgent need of non-perishable items which must be in date including tinned foods, long-life milk, fruit juice, squash, pasta, rice, tea, coffee, sugar, cereals, biscuits, sauces and condiments, jam and spreads.

Cleaning products, toilet rolls and toiletries are also needed.

Cash donations are also very much appreciated.

Delays in benefits and low income are believed to be the main reasons for people having to rely on Foodbanks. Do you think local authorities and government could be doing more?

Please let me know your thoughts.

You can contact me at: 102 High Street, Crediton or by email at: .

What you told us ...

I think local authorities and government could be doing more because a lot of it is down to the benefits office. In my experience, under any government, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer - it’s one rule for some and another for others. And disabled people are not always treated as well as they might be. People who have money don’t seem to help those less fortunate any more, not like they used to. The government agencies need to do more for people. Benefits should be sorted quicker and agencies should work together.

Crediton Resident

It’s really sad that people are so desperate that they have to go to a Foodbank. It’s good that Crediton has a Foodbank and it would be nice if there were more collection points on the High Street. It seems to be the younger people who are struggling the most and not so much the elderly.

Sally Endacott-Phillips, Crediton Care Services Ltd.

I’ve never had to use a Foodbank but I do know people who have. Things seem to be getting worse for people on low income. Affordable housing is needed. Gone are the days of cheaper council housing. They could have more smaller houses at reasonable prices, which could be government run, so people can live better. Perhaps the supermarkets could do more when they have perishable foods that are going out of date, but are still safe to use. I wonder how the Foodbank will cope when all the new houses are built, especially if they ship people in from poorer areas which I believe they did in Okehampton.

Crediton Resident

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