Tributes in memory of Samuel Crocker by Crediton Scouts

By Crediton Courier Newspaper in Local People

IT has been just over two years since Samuel Crocker sadly passed away as a result of a tragic accident in the town.

Samuel had many interests, one being a member of the First Crediton Scout Group.

He started as a Beaver, became a cub and had only just been invested as a Scout the week before that fateful day.

Saddened, after hearing the news, the group very much wanted to create a series of fitting tributes to remember Samuel by. With much thought and discussion, along with the blessing of Samuel’s family, the group have done just that and are now pleased to have completed their creations:

• March 2015 - 100 limited edition “#sparkleforsamuel” woggles were designed, made and sold to members and their families, raising £285 for Devon Air Ambulance Trust (DAAT).

• October 2015 - A workshop for members and their families was held at the scout hut to decorate as many wooden stars as possible with broken CD pieces. These stars were first used to decorate the group Christmas tree entitled “Sparkle for Samuel” at the annual Christmas Tree Festival 2015. A special larger star was also made to place at the top of the tree. This star will continue to shine on the group’s tree entry at future festivals.

• December 2015 – Saw the installation of a memorial Totem Pole which stands tall at the Scout and Guide Garden at People’s Park. Created by Greenspace Designs Ltd who also created Samuel’s memorial at Landscore Primary School, the design itself came from ideas put forward from both members of the group and Samuel’s family. The Totem Pole was something that everyone felt children who knew Samuel could relate to. At the top sits the Scout Movement Fleur de Lis. Moving down, the group neckerchief is complete with the ‘#sparkleforsamuel’ woggle. Spiralling around the pole is the Scout Promise which Samuel made as a Beaver, Cub and Scout whilst making his Scout salute with his hand. Other pictures depict some of the things Samuel enjoyed both in and outside of scouts: camping, football and also his love of nature. At the base of the pole sits a mole which links this memorial to the one at Landscore Primary School.

• December 2016 – Responding to the wishes of members a second memorial was installed in a special area of the scout hut. The stars made the previous year, form part of a sparkly design along with a specially created wooden “#sparkleforsamuel” woggle plaque made by Nick Mussell of Tanglewood.

• February 2017 - With everything in place, the group had been working on one last creation to link all their tributes together, along with the memorial at Landscore Primary School. Learning that Samuel enjoyed Dartmoor Letterboxing the group decided that it would be fitting to bring this interest closer to home by creating a Geocache trail. The scout section set about making the caches along with help from a few parents who are keen Geocachers. Now registered and approved “Samuel’s Sparkle Trail” awaits to be found.

As Group Scout Leader I wish to thank everyone who has supported First Crediton with their tributes to remember Samuel by. There are too many to mention individually but very special thanks must go to Samuel’s family who have shown such amazing strength during what has and continues to be such a difficult, painful time.

As a group no words can express the sad loss we all continue to feel in losing a kind and loyal scout, taken far too young. Many of us are also personal friends of the family. Samuel remains forever in our thoughts and hearts and we will ensure his sparkle continues to shine.

Debbie Richards

First Crediton Scout Group

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